About Us

The GRYND was born in the middle of one of the worst events in human history: the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertain about the future, and united in hope, we held on to our faith and decided to take a leap of faith ourselves. We’ve been avid coffee cold brewers for years. Growing up in Egypt, our parents drank tea with mint all their lives, and so did we. There is something about how refreshing and crisp mint is - and so we tried cold brewing coffee with mint. It was delicious, smooth, and refreshing. Cold brewed for over 18 hours with fresh, certified California farm grown organic mint, our signature cold brew was born. We haven’t looked back. We’re on a quest to find the boldest and freshest ingredients, brewed right with the coffee - no artificial sweeteners or flavors, ever! Using only 100% organic ingredients and being minority owned and operated, you can feel good about giving us a try.

We’re excited to share our journey with the world. Try The Grynd. We know you’ll love it. It’s a better Grynd. A new Grynd. For your daily grind.


Proudly brewed in Tustin, California!